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Programme Overview

The Transition to Teach (T2T) programme helps you to make the successful transition to become a teacher. 

Transition to Teach is an innovative programme offering support and guidance to anyone moving into a career in teaching. It’s designed for people who are interested in using their skills, knowledge and life experience to become a teacher. We are not a training provider but offer a free bespoke service to support you during your Initial Teacher Training (ITT) year and first year of teaching as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT).

Our programme helps individuals across England who have been made redundant or are taking early retirement from their current role. Our team can help participants understand how skills learned in a previous career can prove invaluable in teaching, providing individualised support to navigate the transition to becoming a teacher.

The two-year T2T programme is facilitated by our Guidance and Development Advisers (GDAs), who work closely with participants, putting them at the centre of the programme to ensure a successful transition.

Our GDAs offer a variety of support which is tailored towards each participant, based on their own individual needs.

Participants will receive a bespoke package of support; this can include:

  • Information and advice from education professionals about what it is like to teach.
  • Details about eligibility and qualification criteria for teaching. We will also advise you of alternative routes, or how to fill any gaps if necessary.
  • Support with finding school experience days if required.
  • Guidance in choosing the training route which is most suitable for your needs. Help with completing the application process for initial teacher training, including advice and support with student finance, professional skills tests, etc.
  • Continuous help and support throughout training and into your first year of teaching, as you need it.
  • One-to-one support and access to networking events such as regional workshops.
  • Practical and personalised advice from your dedicated GDA on your progress, milestones and any aspect of ITT.
  • Career development planning throughout the programme – from tips on how to utilise skills from your previous career to considering future career development.
  • Support to find and apply for your first teaching post, including interview preparation.