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Making the transition into teaching;
Mark Bowman

What did you do before becoming a teacher?

I was a senior analyst for a large energy company, in the debt and collections department. This role consisted of compiling and analysing large data sets to try and find patterns in our debt books. Once patterns were identified I was responsible for providing results and potential resolutions in order to improve our position, enabling the business to retrieve more of the monies that were owed.

Which skills from your previous career will be useful in the classroom?

I have had a number of job roles in the past, which have taught me a number of skills. However, my most recent role has taught me about time management, which is essential in the classroom environment, ensuring that lessons are planned and delivered to specific time scales. Additionally, I have no fear of speaking to groups or individuals, having spent a number of years delivering information to various internal and external stakeholders. I also became adept in all aspects of Microsoft Office, so am well able to produce and present using this medium. Whilst in industry I also learned about various methods of coaching and mentoring, using these to enhance the skill sets of my team members.

What inspired you to get into teaching?

Teaching is something that has always interested me. I have always liked to see people develop and improve, so if I can help them to do that then I feel a great sense of personal satisfaction. I was also fortunate to have a fantastic English teacher during my GCSE period, who helped to nurture a love of learning.

How has Transition to Teach supported you so far? 

Transition to Teach have been invaluable in getting me through the application process; ensuring that my personal statement was written to an appropriate standard and encouraging me to apply when I doubted myself. On a couple of occasions when I would have delayed applying, due to uncertainty over redundancy dates, the Transition to Teach team were there to encourage me and ensure that I got everything completed in a timely fashion.

They were also excellent when it came to preparing me for my interview, knowing exactly the types of questions that would be asked and also knowing how to tailor my answers to give the best impact to the interviewer - something that was evidently successful, as I was offered my place there and then! 

As you move into teaching, what are you most excited about?

I’m looking forward to creating a career which will provide me with the opportunity to help improve the circumstances of so many people. I can’t think of a better vocation to allow me to potentially impact so many people.

Where do you see yourself in five years' time?

I would ideally like to see myself moving into school management. I would like to be able to help to dictate policy and methodology, to improve teaching standards and the learning experience for as many people as possible.