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Making the transition into teaching;
Joe Wall

What did you do before becoming a teacher?

I was a customer service administrator. I processed orders for glasses from opticians in France. I would liaise with the warehouse and delivery providers to make sure that the opticians would receive the orders as efficiently as possible. 

What inspired you to get into teaching?

Doing my master's degree was a big step. It made me realise how much I loved my subject and I wanted to share that. Having my son was also a big inspiration. I wanted to be doing something that fulfilled me and made me happy for his sake. I think the communication skills that I developed working in customer services have also been really useful; the idea that you have to convey meaning in a way that is as simple as possible, while getting the best results, is a lot like the clarity needed when teaching. 

How has Transition to Teach supported you so far? 

I was really lucky to have an excellent support network through my training provider. However it was also great knowing that the Transition to Teach team were there for me if I ever needed to talk, or to offer advice. It also offered a good network of other trainees like me. 

Where do you see yourself in five years' time?

I see myself as an even better teacher. The beauty of teaching is that you will always be learning things yourself and moving forward towards being better. 

Finally, sum up your experience for us!

It's been exciting, challenging, exhausting and fun. Most emotions will have been felt at some point during the year!