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Case Studies

Below are some case studies demonstrating how a career in teaching has provided a fulfilling opportunity for these professionals to share their skills and expertise – and to make a real difference in the classroom

David Burns

Before: Litigation Executive 

Now: Trainee History Teacher 

Jamie Curley

Before: Medical Sales Territory Manager 

Now: Biology Teacher 

Paul Beagley

Before: Laboratory Chemist Group Leader

Now: Trainee Chemistry Teacher 

Agnieszka Machalica

Before: Freelance Designer

Now: Design & Technology Teacher 

Thomas Riley

Before: Store Director

Now: Trainee Maths Teacher 

Dean Fletcher

Before: Hedge Fund Director 

Now: Trainee Maths Teacher 

Charlotte Hand

Before: Client Relationship Manager 

Now: Trainee German Teacher 

Chloe Thompson-Morgan

Before: Restaurant Deputy Manager  

Now: Primary Teacher 

Hollie Joy

Before: Customer Service

Now: English Teacher 

Cristina Ferreira

Before: IT Programmer 

Now: Computer Science Teacher 

Ken Boyle

Before: Head of Sales & Operations Planning 

Now: Chemistry Teacher 

Ben Adams

Before: British Army Officer 

Now: History Teacher 

Sophie Leonic

Before: Technical Manager 

Now: Primary Teacher 

Katie Rigarlsford

Before: Business Development Manager 

Now: Geography and Business Studies Teacher 

Joe Wall

Before: Customer Service 

Now: History Teacher 

Kiren Azam

Before: Immigration Lawyer

Now: Trainee French Teacher 

Mark Bowman

Before: Senior Analyst 

Now: Trainee English Teacher 

Katrina Brack

Before: Customer Consultant

Now: Trainee Computing Teacher 

Samantha Ibbotson

Before: Sales Account Manager 

Now: Trainee Chemistry Teacher 

Liam Willetts-Fegan

Before: Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

Now: Trainee Maths Teacher 

Sowmya Mony

Before: Software Developer 

Now: Trainee Computer Science Teacher