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Hints and Tips

These have been provided by our 1st cohort of T2T participants, who started their ITT in September 2019:

  • “Keep all your passwords / usernames / reference numbers etc. somewhere safe so you can quickly get hold of them when you need them – these include your student ID numbers, student finance numbers, DBS certificate number, Teacher Reference Number (TRN – which you’ll get given by your ITT provider late in the Autumn term) etc.” T2T suggests you use a free password manager such as KeePass Password Safe ( or LastPass (

  • “Remember to back up your files somewhere safe (e.g. using online storage such as Google Docs or Microsoft OneDrive) in case your computer / laptop crashes!”

  • “Keep all your GCSE / ‘A’ level / degree certificates and transcripts safe as you’ll need them for next year when you come to apply for teaching posts!”

  • “Use an app such as ‘Pocket Kanban’ to keep track of your ‘to do’ list – - everything goes into one 'To do' list, and can then be moved across into a 'Doing' list. I have the 'Doing' list set for a maximum of 4 things at a time. It means I know I'm not forgetting anything, because it's all on a list somewhere, but I can just keep focused on the 'Doing' list without trying to think about too many things at once. Once something is completed you move it across to 'Done', which turns into a very satisfying record of all the things you have achieved! There are loads of free Kanban apps available and you can tweak them to suit you. I will definitely keep using it next year”.

Am I eligible?

Interested in making a career change? Transition to Teach is a free service funded by the Department for Education. We can support career changers who meet our eligibility criteria.