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Offer talented staff leaving your organisation due to circumstances such as redundancy or early retirement, the opportunity to do something valuable through the Transition to Teach support programme. When organisations experience change, the required skillset of employees may alter, leaving employers in a position where they need to make staffing changes. Transition to Teach can support people leaving your organisation as a result of redundancy or early retirement to explore a new and exciting teaching opportunity. Letting go of employees is never easy but engaging with Transition to Teach provides your organisation with an opportunity to show how you value your workforce.

At Transition to Teach, we passionately believe that individuals with previous career experience, across all sectors and industries, have masses of talent that can be redirected into teaching. Offering talented staff the chance to do something really valuable when they leave your organisation improves their prospects, enhances your reputation and demonstrates that you care about their future.

We know that it’s important for organisations to create a positive impact and upholding corporate social responsibility can be a key concern when restructuring. By working with us, you can help your organisation to be recognised as socially responsible and an employer of choice. 

You helped them to develop their skills throughout their employment, now help them move onto the next step in their career. 

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The Transition to Teach programme can benefit your organisation by:

  • Offering skilled and talented professionals the opportunity to successfully change career into a rewarding and valuable role.
  • Helping to tackle skills shortages, by increasing the pool of teaching talent that will influence and teach the professionals of the future.
  • Raising the profile and reputation of your organisation by demonstrating your commitment to corporate citizenship.
  • Helping you to build and develop relationships with schools, other educational institutions, and the wider community.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with organisations of all sizes who are looking to make redundancies.

Transition to Teach is fully funded by the Department for Education and there is no cost to engaging with our programme, with all promotional materials provided free of charge. Equally, there are no financial incentives available for joining the programme.

  • We ask that your organisation assigns a key contact for the Transition to Teach team to enable on-going communication with the Transition to Teach programme team.
  • We ask that your organisation informs Transition to Teach when you are making redundancies and informs exiting staff about a career in teaching.
  • We ask that your organisation invites Transition to Teach to attend relevant events that you may be holding for your employees.

The Transition to Teach programme can support your employees by:

  • Offering bespoke advice about careers in teaching and choosing the right teacher training route
  • Offering help to complete the application process for initial teacher training
  • Providing coaching and mentoring from Guidance and Development Advisers for two years, to help through the initial teacher training year and their first year as a newly qualified teacher
  • Offering support to find and apply for a teaching position to enable a successful transition

Yes, your employees are in the unique position of having experience from their previous career. This will be hugely beneficial in teaching as they will be able to relate theory to practice and bring reality into the classroom by equating the lessons being taught to their own real-life experiences.

Your employees will have already accumulated many talents and skills which are all useful in a classroom and in the different aspects of school leadership and administrative roles. For example; they are likely to know how to plan and manage time effectively, which is not only useful for teaching but also for producing timetables, school events, exam schedules etc.

It is likely that they already have experience of working with a variety of personalities, listening, communicating, sharing and marketing ideas, working towards common goals or targets, supporting others to succeed, advocating on behalf of team members, leading a team etc. The list of relevant skills and talents that are acquired with experience is almost endless.

In order to be eligible for the Transition to Teach programme, individuals will be required to:

  • Be qualified to degree level.
  • Agree to a full disclosure and barring service (DBS) check.
  • Have the right to work in the UK.
  • Provide original examination certificates.

The following qualifications are also required:

Primary Teacher (Ages 3 to 11):

  • Honours Degree or equivalent.
  • Maths Grade C and above or equivalent.
  • English Grade C and above or equivalent.
  • Any Science Grade C and above or equivalent.

Secondary Teacher (Ages 11 to 18):

  • Honours Degree or equivalent.
  • Maths Grade C and above or equivalent.
  • English Grade C and above or equivalent.

We are not an outplacement company. We are a programme delivered by the Department for Education to career changers looking to teach. We exist to inform career changers about careers within teaching and to help them successfully make the transition through two years of personalised support.

You can leave the Transition to Teach programme at any time however we may be unable to help any more of your employees if you are not engaged in partnership with us.

If you would like to discuss how Transition to Teach can work with your organisation, please express your interest using the below form and a member of the team will be in touch.

Register your interest with the Transition to Teach programme.

Please fill in your details below and a member of the team will be in touch within 5 working days. Please note, to process your enquiry, we require some personal information about you. To find out more about how we use this information, see our privacy statement.