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Inspire, educate and bring your skills to the classroom

There are a growing number of successful professionals retraining as teachers, using their extraordinary skills and knowledge to inspire the next generation.

At Transition to Teach, we passionately believe that individuals with previous career experience, across all sectors and industries, have masses of talent that can be redirected into teaching. With real-world knowledge of how learning can be used in future careers, we truly appreciate the size of the impact career-changers can make in a classroom.

Transition to Teach offers bespoke support to help individuals make the career change, offering guidance throughout the training year and first year of teaching in the classroom. We support career changers to successfully make the transition and join the network of inspiring, professional teachers that strive for excellence in education for all.

The T2T Process

We understand that changing careers is a big step. Throughout the T2T process, we support career changers to help make the transition into the classroom as smooth as possible. Please note that Transition to Teach is no longer recruiting new participants. 


Step 1

Express your interest using the enquiry form. We’ll ask for a few simple details and one of our advisers will be in touch within 5 working days.


Step 2

If you’re eligible, we’ll support you to apply for the T2T programme and, if appropriate, we’ll support you with your application for a teacher training course.


Step 3

Your Guidance and Development Adviser will offer you personalised support throughout your Initial Teacher Training (ITT) year to ensure a successful transition.


Step 4

Congratulations! You have become a qualified teacher and we will now continue to support you in your Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) year.

What do teachers think about their journey?

Agnieszka Machalica

“I was looking for a way to share my passion for design and inside knowledge of the domestic architecture trade. Transition to Teach has played a major role in my decision to change career. The support I have received from the team, from the moment of first contact up until now, has been phenomenal. I recommend the service to anyone and everyone who is interested in teaching.”


Career changers bring valuable transferable skills to the classroom.

Contact our team if you're interested in hiring an NQT and benefiting from the
added value that career changers can bring.